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When it comes to the structures of the house, tiles are excellent features a homeowner can and must have. A tile is a spot shine in your home. These deliver many advantages when designed and developed correctly, particularly in the aesthetic aspects. They can act as decorations to build more alluring floors and walls. Homeowners should be reminded that tile decorations and embellishments are essential in bathroom renovations because these elements contribute to the home’s overall appearance. Before embarking on this journey, a great bathroom ideas Coffs Harbour should always come first because a poorly designed and tiled floor and wall can surely destroy your home’s aura and atmosphere.  

Bathroom renovation photo done by our bathroom expert in Coffs Harbour with marble tiles

Significant attributes to consider  

Integrating your bathroom ideas Coffs Harbour into reality is not an easy task. However, these luxuries and aesthetics can be achieved successfully if we are familiar with specific tiling and design principles in a bathroom renovation. To have an alluring and refreshing area, you must consider incorporating the accent, correct space and tile proportionality, artificial and natural lights.  


In tiling and bathroom remodelling, one should consider the accent of a tile and its impact on the place you are working on. Accent can draw the eyes in as it beautifully extends out from the rest of the interior. To make use of an area or surrounding, we must have a fixture element we can use as an accent. One of the best bathroom ideas Coffs Harbour is by emphasizing the features in the bathroom is by using the bathroom floor as an accent. This kind of style matches well with light-coloured wall tiles and natural lighting. It relieves square footage for the extraordinary design than any other choices which can be very gratifying. The “openness” feeling that light colours deliver intensified by the accent with the floor.  

Space and tile proportionality  

There are many things to consider when the time comes to renovate your bathroom, be it big or small. Should you go with light colours? Is it time to skip the bulkiness of a tub? Is it a good idea to integrate large tiles in a small space? Tiling and designing a bathroom means you’ll have to be smart and delicate with every selection, and the way you choose your tile is one of the significant attributes you’ll notice when you step into the room. For instance, if you are working with a tiny space, don’t use large tiles as these will make your bathroom look much more constricted than it is. To be successful in this aspect, plain and smaller bathroom tiles would do the alluring effect. 

Lighting as a Necessity  

Bathrooms with standard ventilation features with minimal natural light can cause wet surfaces that can build-up detrimental moulds and can begin to scrape away materials, including the tile, grout, hardwood, even mirrors. Hence, bathroom ideas Coffs Harbour should always come first when deciding a bathroom renovation. Natural light can make a massive gap between a good day and a bad one. Therefore, a simple wall-mount light fixture is a must to create an excellent tiling and bathroom experience. 

5 Elegant MustHave Bathroom Designs  

Bathrooms don’t have to be mediocre and boring. As homeowners, we are already aware that a tile and a bathroom are bound to be with each other. Tiles are energy boosters in every home, and finding unique and creative designs will help us sustain our peace of mind. Below are the enticing designs that will help you inspire your next tiling and bathroom make-over.  

Wood and Rustic Stone Tiles  

A tile’s beauty revolves in textures too. Whether you decorate a house in the country or want to establish a warm and cozy rustic decor, it’s all about texture to achieve that look. Rustic bathroom ideas Coffs Harbour design include reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, raw stone and cast iron. These natural and less polished tiling materials give a sense of remarkable craftsmanship and convey a sense of character to every room. This is particularly true in your bathroom, where only a few subtle items and elements can have a significant and significant impact in terms of aesthetics and styles.  

Subway Tile  

Just like in subway stations, subway tile is a rectangular, brick-like ceramic tile that is typically polished. This kind of bathroom comes in a wide range of colours. It fits all types of style, from traditional to a modern one. The best thing about subway tile? It’s always trendy. The coherence and simplicity of subway tiles are one of the reasons why it’s top of the market these days. This classic bathroom decor is simple, clean, practical, and welcoming. It’s one of the best styles you could pick for a perfect bathroom.  

Herringbone Tile  

The tile pattern of Herringbone has long been used to jazz up standard wooden floors. It makes it label particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Fundamentally, a pattern of Herringbone is made up of rectangular pieces of tile. These link at perfectly straight edges to form a pattern of “zigzag”. Herringbone uses rectangular pieces rather than rectangular tiles. This pattern will look broken or staggered, but the resulting look holds its aesthetically alluring and asymmetrical appeal. This kind of tile-like herringbone can instantly transform any space, developing a beautiful and practical attribute of a bathroom.  

Beige Superiority  

What’s more soothing than a calming neutral? Transforming your bathroom in beige can give you the ultimate solace and retreat. From beige paint and ceramic tile, the chance to incorporate beige into the bathroom design will be legendary. This makes your tile and bathroom impart a timeless design making it the best concept ever. Moreover, details such as straight edges and geometric shapes can also contribute as a happy medium for a bright bathroom.  

Fresh white  
Bathroom renovation done by our bathroom professional in Coffs Harbour with white floor tiles

By incorporating the white walls and accessories in your bathroom play up contrasting textures to create a simple and comfortable atmosphere. The delicate tile floor and marble countertop also add interest, while the walls harmonize with the cream and white paint. For a calming and refreshing pop of colour that isn’t too permanent, you can place a vase of flowers on the vanity for an eco-friendly impact.  

If you’re planning a remodelling of the bathroom and looking to bring it to current times, let Coffs Harbour Tiling & Waterproofing help you with your bathroom project. Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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