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The tiling market has a dizzying number of options that can transform your home with a budget tiling. These tiles are made from different materials such as natural stones, synthetic, or glass, among others. Therefore, you have a wide range of selection. 

On the other hand, the cost might be a huge limiting factor, especially when you’re trying for tight budget tiling. For that reason, you may be forced to settle on glazed ceramic or subway tiles. 

These are flexible, suitable quality tiles that can be installed in different ways and still look surprisingly spendy.    

Bathroom tiling job done in Coffs Harbour with large gray tiles

The following are tips on how you can install tiles with a tight budget tiling. 


These are surfaces behind the sinks and cookers. You can choose polished porcelain tiles, which are less costly, easy to maintain, heat resistant, easily wipeable, and offers a striking finish.  

Splashbacks are the first thing a visitor sees when they enter either the bathroom or kitchen. Thus, you should endeavour to make a massive impact on these inexpensive tiles. 

Feature Floor 

You may want to renovate your floor but can’t afford to cover the entire space with the tiles of your choice. But you shouldn’t get frustrated because you can consider creating a feature floor in a small area using patterned tiles. You can flank them with cheaper tiles, thus transforming the room from naked to beautiful but at a fair price. 

Bathroom tiling job we completed in Coffs Harbour with pattern floor tiles

Solid-wall Effect 

A tiled surface offers water protection and durability; however, some homeowners consider it a screaming option. You can improve this situation using a tile that provides tight grout lines and match the two components. Thus, you can use tiles and grout of the same tone. 

White Tiles 

White tiles are the cheapest in the market, while those with intricate patterns or the mosaic type are the most expensive. Therefore, you can opt for the white tiles and use a few of the costly type as a feature strip or border to add visual flair without breaking a bank.  

Pick Mix of Colors 

As stated, white tiles or those with a shade of white are affordable. However, tiles of other colours may not be wholly unattainable, and you may opt to purchase orange subway tiles for your kitchen to offer an exciting burst of colour. 

Another option is to combine white subways and black tiles to create a classic choice in the traditional bathroom.  

Minimalist Style 

You can consider monochrome when working with tight budget tiling. Create an eye-catching look using glass mosaic tiles that are affordable. The best option is the ice leaf and platinum silver type. 

Pair Ordinary Tiles with an Expensive Material 

You may pick small-square tiles that are reasonably priced and spend a good chunk on the more decadent decorative tiles to match with them.  For instance, you can use white wall tiles on the walls to serve as a neutral backdrop while you install show-stopping tiles on the floor. 

Therefore, if you decide to spend more on the tile for one surface, then you can purchase quality floor tiles because they experience higher traffic than wall tiles. 

Cover the Entire Wall 

Use affordable tiles to cover the entire wall up to the ceiling instead of installing expensive tiles in a small area. This option will give you a more luxurious look and feel particularly in the kitchen and bathroom. Further, you can install tiles up the ceiling to accentuate it.  

Finished Edges  

Expensive tiles that are not correctly installed will always look cheap. Therefore, you need to hire experienced tiles installers such as Coffsharbour Tiling and Waterproofing. The experts understand where the installation process should start and end. For instance, tiles end at the wall or cabinetry, thus eliminating the unfinished tile edges. 

Some designs may include a visible title edge; however, you can cap the ends with a finishing tile, bullnose edge option, or a metal strip. 

Floor and Wall Tiles for your Project  

Ceramic Tiles  

Ceramic tiles are the most common tiles, for they are suitable for many applications such as in the bathroom, kitchen, and entryway. The following are some of the benefits of these tiles. 

  • They are durable 
  • Easy to install and maintain  
  • They can fit any design because they come in several colours, shape, sizes, and texture 
  • Ceramic tiles are economical 

These tiles have the glazed option that offers more protection and are long-lasting. The unglazed tiles provide you with an artistic, rustic finish.   

Porcelain Tiles 

These tiles can resemble brick, natural stone, and wood. They can be installed in the kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes, and high-traffic areas. 

  • Tiles have little to no maintenance requirements 
  • They are all-purpose tiles for they come in different colours, designs, and style 
  • The tiles can be used outside because they don’t fade, freeze or crack  
  • Porcelain tiles give you an elegant finish 

Glass Tiles  

These are stain-resistant tiles, which are an excellent alternative to natural stones. Therefore, you can wipe acidic foods and red wine easily without leaving any permanent stain behind them. 

Glass tiles are not ideal for high traffic areas because they chip easily. Instead, these tiles should be used in smaller applications in areas such as tabletops, backsplash, and around the fireplace. 

  • The tile offers minimalistic aesthetic as compared to other tiling options. 

Mosaic Tiles 

These tiles are available in different styles, sizes, shapes, colours, and materials. They are suitable for wall applications, particularly when an accent is needed. They should be used sparingly, and consideration of the space it will be installed is critical because they look dated quickly. 

Natural Stone Tiles 

Different types of natural stone tiles can be used on both walls and floors. 

  • Marble tiles are used to upgrade bathroom and kitchen spaces, for they deliver both depth and texture with their veined and patterned surfaces. These tiles are not only attractive, but they are unique since you can’t have two similar pieces. 
  • Granite tile is similar to marble stone in terms of feel and look. The natural stone can be used in the laundry room because it’s non-porous. The flooring is prevalent in most homes because it’s a cheaper alternative. Thus, you can make it your top priority when budget tiling.  
  • Limestone tile is a type of natural stone that is used to deliver a rustic style with a natural shade, tone, and variation. It’s durable, easy to install and shape or cut for specific placements and patterns.   
  • Travertine tile is soft, with beige, grey, and tan shade, and used to give an elegant and unique statement. Like other natural stones, this tile is affected by traction, water, and stain. 

Metal Tiles 

These are tiles most used on kitchen tops because of their aesthetic value, functionality, and durability. Metal tiles are similar in pricing with stone tiles. 

Contact Coffsharbour Tiling and Waterproofing for more suggestions and installation. These experts will work within your budget to produce creative floors and walls.  

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