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Tiling Floor and Wall


Floors and walls are facilities that people see when they enter your home. For most visitors, these are very noticeable since your house is riddled with them. For your family, this spot is seen every single day, as soon as they start their morning routine.

Because of this, there is a great need to properly design walls so that they’d be pleasing to look at. One way to do this is to employ tiles on your floors and walls. This is a task which requires the help of experts, and Coffs Harbour Tiling & Waterproofing can do it for you. Our team specializes in tile installations on any floor or wall surface, and we guarantee that you will be impressed by the outcome.


Usually, clients get discouraged when thinking about floor and wall tiling because they believe that it is expensive. However, this is not the case for Coffs Harbour Tiling & Waterproofing since we have affordable floor and wall tiling options.

We can help you achieve the walls of your dreams through the help of our cheap service made possible with quick methods in installation, which drastically reduces project costs. We have the necessary tradespeopleand consultants to deal with your budgetary concerns, so rest assured that you will get rid of your current brand-looking facilities.


Here in Coff Harbour Tiling & Waterproofing, we substantially consider your happiness and satisfaction when we work on your assigned projects. We make sure that your floor and wall concepts will turn into reality by giving you the freedom of choice in your home’s plan.

With the aid of expert designers who can give good advice regarding your original floor and wall plan, your creativity will be complimented. Furthermore, we also offer different colours, tile materials, tile types, and pattern installation to choose from to make sure that your creative juices will never run out. Trust our team in doing your floor and wall tiling, and we will surely deliver quality output.

Timely Tasks

As a world-class tiling service provider, we make sure that time is golden whenever we work on a task. We are excellent at keeping our schedules, and we always avoid delays when we do our service. We know that you want to see your floors and walls finished product as soon as possible, so we do our very best to do the job quick without neglecting the standards of the result.

Here at Coffs Harbour Tiling & Waterproofing, we much respect your time, so we guarantee deliveries that are on or ahead of schedule.

Commercial Properties

Our ability to flawlessly execute floor and wall tiling is not only limited to residential places such as homes. We also deal with massive projects such as businesses, government facilities, or even commercial buildings. Over the years, we have installed various floor and wall projects in these places, and we guarantee that our performance will remain consistent despite the considerable difference in size. Our tilers and designers are fit to work at any task as long as it involves floor and wall tiles.

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